Interviewed by ‘rose’

She said ‘be camera ready’ and then ambushed me with emotional questions relating to following ones passion. Lol. I’m totally bad at being interviewed tho so I kinda goofed it up. No progress from last time.


Oh the Agonizing Wait!!

Step 1: find land to lease-to-own. My friend Rose(the small community organizer) just made a new friend. Her name is Leah and she is from Italy and very earth grounded. She is looking to expand her life through meditation and deeper connections between us and earth, earth and us, and us. Kind of a hippy, but a good one. She has a bf and daughter and her goals are close to the same as amanda and i. She wants to develop sustaining relationships with all around her. So far for step 1 we have me (amature builder/engineer/farmer, with a desire to reshape societies foundations and values). Rose (non-profit organizer/city planner, with a desire to build a stable future for her children) and now Leah (a highly motivated spritual traveler wanting to strengthen the bonds we all have to enhance our existance and create a stasis).
We have enough people to be looking at a slightly larger picture for all of our goals, which brings me back to the beginning of step 1, Find LAND!!! As soon as we can find a plot to lease then everything else will unfold rapidly.

Step 2: trailer and utility purchase and accrual. This is step 2 because currently I have nowhere to start a build.  So for now, I’m ignoring the land search and just focusing on financing the first few hurdles of my individual project. A trailer that is build ready will be around 2-6k. I want to aim the budget to the 6k area that way if I find one around 2k I’ll have more money to play with toward utilities. Everyone says recycle recycle recycle. The only problem with that is there is very little that can actually be recycled, such as plumbing parts for drinking water. Electric panels ect. So my big recycling effort is mainly going to be in wood, roofing and maybe exterior siding. Windows and some metal hardware. My Insulation, I hope to get the old denim stuff. For the interior walls I AM purchasing all new sound board panels for the full interior space. This will also be a good insulator. The reason I’m doing this is because when I shut my door at the end of the day one of the most homelike things that passes over me is being in an area that I can be me without worrying about stress passing through. It’s  quieter and makes the tiny house feel more secure.  Sooooo many choices on electricity. Wish I could choose them al…… or can i…. đŸ˜€  Muahahaha, my thoughts on this are to wire the entire house up on 1 closed parallel circuit and have my 4 12v reserve batteries. The recharging system for these I’m trying to rig up in my head… imagine having the equipment for solar, wind and hydro. The hydro idea is relatively new and is a location based need. But if I’m truly building the most economical friendly and adaptable house ever it should be universal, shouldn’t it?

Step 3: establishing agriculture. That’s right, this house will hopefully have storage in every nook and cranny so that anywhere it goes I can open a panel and get to work. This will all be underhouse storage but I plan of having a water pump and a food compost for creating great nutrient soil at all times. SOMEONE STOP ME IF I’M TAKING THIS TOO FAR. Grr. I wish I had better drawing skills. And yes I know the height will surpass the standard 13 foot overpass limit. Don’t care, I can take frontage roads anywhere. I want this house to be a final home, not just for me but for everyone who might use it. I want it equipped to sustain 2 people for eternity. Blah blah blah I’m tired of typing.  I’ll just get back to twiddling my thumbs waiting for miracles to happen so I can push forward on this lol.


Bringing dreams into scale.

Taking a step back and looking at things, obvious this will take a little bit longer than expected. I maybe should have started my planning last year so that I can start progress this year but it doesn’t look like I’m able to. Not to say that I haven’t been planning this for about 4 years just that the actual planning stages haven’t started until now so I’m having to revamp what this year is going to be about so that I’m more prepared next year. 

This means I’m going to spend this year converting my lifestyle as much as possible, down sizing, and possibly even building sections of the house as weekend projects just so that I can have these hyper-efficient compact prefabbed spaces ready for when I start the big build.

There are a lot of videos online about people building their tiny house but very few videos of before that time. Before they were planning how much money it would cost or planning any big purchases. It would be nice if there was some guidance as to the pre-steps towards making it a more permeable lifestyle.

My friend that is starting the community project is where I’m putting my main focus into right now. If I can help her to reestablish what she started and create a foundation for other tiny house people, that will allow me to have a place to start. A place to get a step up in it to get guidance in it and to have a chance to improve upon it’s sustainability for myself for her and for others.

One day this could be the way of life


Progress update: planning stages

I feel it was preemptive in making this blog. Progress is very slow. There is obviously alot more to it than at first glance even for people who’ve been researching it.

I’ve teamed up with a friend I met through work. She is my age and has been working on organizing a sustained community. Based around sacred geometry and the flower of life. Basically a very very energy friendly/inviting environment to establish fully self contained communities.

How does this slow progress? Building a tiny house you must think about the environment you expect to plant it in even if it will be mobile. Ideas of founding communities opens new ideas on building. Shared building or group built tiny house neighborhoods. Which calls for new floor plans and if we’re talkin energy efficient here then the entire location might as well be equipped to provide water and power to each resident. But that’s thinking very large.

For now I’m still on my original floor plan and I’ve tweaked a few walls to make more space. Still teetering on what water source to go with. Is there a way to have multiple hook ups from alternate sources? For power I am definatly leaning toward solar. Extreme solar. I’m going to nab up as many little panels as I can and will likely end up with 6 batteries to store the difference t circuits. The smaller panels I find will power specific things such as ‘Archie'(my leopard gecko) he will be getting set up with a self sufficient eco-terrarium, and tv/video games, ect. The main power will take care of water heating, food cooling and lights.

That’s all I can think to type right now. It’s late and cold out ( I blog outside always) so I’ll post a new update on my planning stages later on.


Also, barebones to start, my estimate is now $4,000-$6,000



Thinking Realistically on Financing

So running the numbers with complimentary estimates, I’m aiming in the $16,000 range. That’s not good. I need to bring that down a lot. So looking a little bit further into it I checked my credit score at creditkarma.com, and I’ve spoken with my bank about my options. I should be able to afford a loan of anywhere from $2,000  to $4,000, which should be enough to get the trailer and get a jump start on funding the utilities. If I can somehow get small payments,  I can keep my current job and just spend just a little amount out of my paycheck towards the actual building of it. Doing the math in my head that would basically put me at paying off the loan at the same time as finishing the tiny house.

I know so far this blog about my journey is pretty boring. But I have to make sure that I catalog as much as I can as often as I can as little as it may be. I’m considering starting a GoFundMe account. I don’t expect to raise much but I know that donations would push me forward great leaps even if they’re just small donations. I would make sure that all the donations I received went towards making the house greener. Still not sure if that’s a good idea or not but it is a route that I thought about.

I kind of wish that somebody would write Building Code for tiny houses so that they can be built spec for any location with all accessories needed. But I know that’s the other direction.

I see alot of other blogs and articles about tiny homes. And one thing that I found is almost unique about my journey. I’m doing it myself. Literally not another live soul to help. I do have people I can ask for help if needed but my goal is to do this 100% with my own two hands. It’s very exciting because this isn’t just a project. It’s an economic cultural shift of basic human priority. And I’m excited to see what the movement erupts into.

This Era of time rarely allows a man to be truly self made. I’m taking the opportunity.


This or that? Too many choices.

Currently weighing the choices of energy consumption in the tiny home. There are a few categories to consider as well. Long term thinking,  heated water. A friends mentioned wrapping copper pipe around the exhaust shaft of the small wood burning stove and using that to heat water for showers. I get the concept but not liking the lack of consistency and having to start a good fire and maintain it to get enough hot water. The other easier option is a small wall mounted water heating system, the downside ofcourse is money(200-600ish) but long term that would be worth investing in. Note*appliance*.

Another energy issue is for the lighting and general use of small appliances, phones, electronics. Wind turbines offer quite a bit more power per dollar compared to solar panels but not everyday has wind. Wind turbines range around 200-2000+ depending on where and watt. <small pun. And put out 400-500w@ ~500$ vs solar with 100w-300w@ ~500$. Tough choice but I have yet to consult a professional. Moving on…

The plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom. Is it better to have a gravity fed water system to save on energy or spend the extra to have pressurized lines*. The other issue is the toilet. I've told myself I would go with something similar to an RV set up with a small 50g septic tank that can be removed and dumped correctly. But I've recently heard that composting toilets aren't that bad.

And no I haven't strayed from the energy saving path, toilet flow will be 1g or less per flush. And the shower head hopefully can be at .55g per minute. For the greenness on the electrical side, considering led strips recessed. Or just sticking with low wattage incandescent bulbs.

I'm a little frazzled by all of the different options and it's hard to find correct answers through search engines. But I know that no matter what I'm making everything as self sustained as I can. On a side note…..

I am Obsessed with small spaces and hide spots and compact storage. Seriously, I'm the kid who played with the box instead of the toy and the best way to make me smile is to find me a really coool box or trinket. Aaanyway. I'm looking for nice compact ideas for storage in just any place you can imagine. Example, coffee tables that raise up to reveal storage. Any little innovative ideas like that I'm trying to find. Basically how much stuff can i fit IN my walls.

Another friend got me thinking about water recycling through the home. Is it worth it to have fog nets I wonder. He was talking about collecting condensation from indoor and outdoor windowsill plants and using it to save from need to water as much. Idk. This blog is just a need to throw some ideas out and try to get some ideas in. Any input is greatly appreciated.

-ps did you know the tesla home battery is an affordable 3500 now? That's an option to consider.

Journey of the self, Tiny home, Tiny house

Tiny house and Me.

My name is Daniel. I’m from a small farm town the flat side of Colorado, born in New Mexico. I consider myself to be a simple person, I came to this conclusion because I’ve traveled quite a bit and met a lot of people.

My whole life I felt very displaced by the state of things in the world that was created for me. The economy and the stories of the economy that I knew my parents and grandparents got to grow up in. This tiny house movement not just a a movement, it’s now become an option for many people as a means of sustaining a new generation. I hear stories of people who plan on having their kids start a tiny house at a young age that way when they become an adult their options are a little bit more broad as they’ll have a place to live, and skills that will help them survive.

I tried College, three times, left with no degrees but I have experiences. I I have mechanical understanding, Electrical experience, Construction know how with an engineers mind. I was blessed with a green thumb and all the patience I need to start this journey. Financially it will be a trick, but I intend to build (without taking shortcuts) a tiny home by myself with my own two hands. It will be a long journey. But I am confident that as long as I am committed to it that it will be worth it the whole way.

I hope I inspire more people to look into the possibilities available with tiny house living. I understand it is not for everyone. I have been toying the idea around for 3 or 4 years now. 2016 is the year to begin for me. Now, I don’t know everything about it but I know my goal, and i hope I’ll be able to reach that goal. I’m open to all input, good and bad. This is a long term decision for me so I want to make sure I hear all the positives and negatives that people view on this. The whole spectrum.


I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. – Henry David Thoreau